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I always use a lightweight leather carpenters toolbelt with two front pouches to hold the few tools and supplies I need. The pouches are great for storing trash, and for stashing my finds. I keep a small rag stuffed into the treasure pouch to keep any treasure from falling out and becoming lost again!. I like to use a hunting knife with a 7” blade. I use the pinpoint feature on my Garrett to locate my target, I use the knife make a three sided cut through the grass, creating a 4 inch square ‘plug’ still hinged to the rest of the yard, take my sturdy knife and use it as a prybar to pop the ‘plug’ out of the ground. If the target is deep, I use my knife to loosen the dirt deeper into the hole to find my target. After retrieving the target, I brush any loose dirt into the hole, flip the hinged plug back into the ground and give it a step with my size twelve boot. I have been hunting and rehunting some of the same ground, and it doesn’t appear that I made any damage to the grass using my methods.

I don’t really like the probe. Even with a dull awl, you run the risk of putting a gash into something of value. If using the method above doesn’t locate your target, check carefully around the edge of the hole, and you will probably find a coin on its edge.

Also, I have noticed coins, rings, etc laying on top of the ground (placed for training purposes) reacts very differently from coins, rings, etc. that have been buried for a long time. Keep this in mind.

Dean Parsons

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