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Tom's Personal Metal Detector and Treasure Hunting Web Page
Welcome to My Metal Detecting Page!

Playing with Metal Detectors, Treasure hunting, Metal Detecting, Camping and Survival are my favorite hobbies. As a child I always dreamed of finding treasure. One of my best friends introduced me to metal detecting when I was 18 and I've been hooked ever since! I'll never give up and maybe one day I'll find that ever elusive pirate treasure! This page is my attempt to gather information, links, etc for all who are interested in the hobby. Please feel free to e-mail me at: with NEW articles, tips, etc. Check back with this site often as I will update it as often as I can. Enjoy the web site! 

In case your wondering (What kind of metal detector do you use Tom?), my treasure hunting tool of choice, the Fisher 1225-x.

Metal Detector

It offers high performance, & deep detection, for a low price! If you're looking for affordable depth, discrimination and ease of operation, this is the detector to check out. Fisher Metal detectors are known for their extraordinary ability to penetrate mineralized soil. The 1225-X is no exception... it goes deep. VLF slow motion discrimination utilizes double derivative circuitry to ignore ground minerals and junk without having to whip the search coil back and forth. I am very happy with this metal detector, although everybody has their own opinion about MetalDetectors! I suggest you do some research to find out which metal-detector is right for you. Check out these companies for low prices on Metal Detectors:

I like to combine a BBQ with my metal detecting trips. Check out these sites for
BBQ, meat and food smokers as well as smoke generators or barbecue recipes and BBQ tips.